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Dear Precious Person. The gift of having a human body offers the spirit and soul the greatest opportunity possible in this material universe. We have divine intelligence and can find out who we are as spiritual beings, how life works, and how to attain what we desire now and in the future. Unless we know who and what we are including our relationship with our mutual Supreme Mother and Father God who love and adore us, then we are misusing our godlike powers and bringing about all manner of distress and troubles unnecessarily.

     The mind is the greatest terrorist weapon ever invented. We must control and redirect the mind. All things are possible to each of us. Why would anyone choose to be miserable? When we could eternally enjoy the happiness, opulence, and pleasure. The answer is a poor fund of knowledge.

Knowledge is Power- Ancient wisdom of the ages as well as Eastern Mysticism, Bhakti and the teachings of the Mystics from all religions and paths give us the treasure map, clues, teachings and whereby we are able to transcend the problems of the material world and claim our divine inheritance in all its glory. We must be willing to learn how to discern what is true and what is false regardless of where it comes from. And then, cast aside all the beliefs, concepts, and values that we have accepted as true when they are not, and go forward with enthusiasm.

     When we are willing to receive sacred knowledge beyond what we have been taught to believe, we will be liberated from all confusion, chaos and suffering. Be happy, prosperous and loved. Adventures in Enlightenment foundation was founded by Terry Cole-Whittaker D. D. in 1986. We offer books, lessons, seminars, audios, videos, couseling, life's work, career planning and retreats created and facilitated from the spiritual life enriching research of Dr. Terry. She teaches that we are gods possessing all godlike qualities and powers.

With the sacred and prospering knowledge Dr. Terry offers all is attainable in your career, relationships, love, peace of mind, home, wealth, talents, abilities, and spiritual life. We really can trust our higher self and our inner guidance. Instead of allowing others to control our mind, words, thoughts, desires, imagination, emotions, activities, decisions, and experiences. This takes perserverance on our part to learn and apply the knowledge that mystics sages, yogis, metaphysians, geniuses and great persons have realized and shared with us through their example and teachings. Anyone can make a fresh start and prosper in every way regardless of his or her past or current situation. As in all things, when we are focused our power of divine attention on, it shall manifest. Today is the first day of the rest of your eternal life so what will it be dear one? Its your choice!

  " I am offering the spiritual and practical knowledge that has given me everthing that I have ever desired and more that I didn't even know was possible. My life's work is to work for your welfare, happiness and prosperity." You are invited to attend one or more of Dr. Terry’s Mt Shasta Retreats, as well as to be a member of her Lifetime Grand Master Program and work with her personally. This is for the sincere and dedicated spiritual seekers, as well as for those persons who desire to know and prosper from doing their life's work and mission. When you know your true self, including all your divine qualities and powers, there is no fear or limitation. "Love is God and Bhakti is the pleasure of the soul." Dr. Terry


Grand Master Program

Trial and error is the worst way to learn because there are unlimited possible errors. When you learn from those who have already succeeded in what you want to achieve, you avoid all the tears and costly mistakes.Give up self sabotage & be happy & Prosperous regardless of your past or world conditions.



It is foolish to blame circumstances or others for anything for this immobilizes us and makes us impotent when the Truth is we are gods with all Godlike powers and qualities, which we are using all the time either consciously and on purpose or unconsciously.


Retreats - Engagements

The Mystical Mount Shasta offers us the benefits of the beauty and power of Mother Nature at her best. Lakes, rivers, spiritual vortexes, sacred springs, mystical legends, and the serenity of this mountain paradise naturally allow us to relax, let go of worries, and receive the blessings.


Prosper Audio

Part 1: 1 Hour 21 minutes

Part 2: 1 Hour 9 minutes


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