Greetings Spiritual Seeker and Entrepreneur

Each of us is an eternal being with all godlike qualities, powers, and abilities, including extra-sensory. Our work is to learn about, develop, and actualize these powers independent of any limitations that we have been taught to accept and believe.

I am a serious pleasure seeker just as you are. Before receiving the knowledge that I am sharing though my work, my path for happiness, love, and success eventually led to misery, loss and disappointment; whereas, the path of the Self-realized mystics, gave me the keys to unlock the treasure house of supreme love, bliss, and power from within me and within everyone.

By applying the “Wisdom of the Ages” that I am sharing through my work, you can empower yourself, your family, and children, do the work you love and prosper, have loving relationships, free yourself from the cycle of birth and death, and be and live as you choose, now and eternally. You are powerful, accept it!

The biggest lie is that we are born, continue for a while, and then die, when there is no possibility of death given we are life, existence, and eternity. Another lie is; you cannot trust yourself, but all you can trust is your inner guidance and God within.

The mind is the greatest terrorist weapon ever invented and not qualified to guide or control any one. Learning to control, direct the mind, and meditate are most important or one suffers continuously from self-abuse, confusion, and unworthiness.

No worries! Regardless of your past or current situation, with the knowledge that I am sharing with you, when applied, you can eliminate blockages and repeating problems, and set in motion and achieve your heart’s desires in relationships, career, and lifestyle.

Enormous changes are happening in the world; however, we are not of this world, we are the creators, the generators of energy, light and forms through our thoughts, words, emotions, imagination and activities. Ignorance of who we are and our godlike powers cause persons to misuse their powers and to be his or her own worst enemy.

Instead of playing a role in someone else’s movie, have your world be as you choose. Choose the most beautiful, loving, enriching, satisfying and sweet reality as possible.

I suggest you get, read and re-read my books and also listen to the recordings of my various courses, talks and lessons to inspire, enthuse and enrich you. With love, Dr. Terry

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Grand Master Program

Trial and error is the worst way to learn because there are unlimited possible errors. When you learn from those who have already succeeded in what you want to achieve, you avoid all the tears and costly mistakes.Give up self sabotage & be happy & Prosperous regardless of your past or world conditions.


It is foolish to blame circumstances or others for anything for this immobilizes us and makes us impotent when the Truth is we are gods with all Godlike powers and qualities, which we are using all the time either consciously and on purpose or unconsciously.

Prosper Audio

Part 1: 1 Hour 21 minutes
Part 2: 1 Hour 9 minutes

Retreats - Engagements

The Mystical Mount Shasta offers us the benefits of the beauty and power of Mother Nature at her best. Lakes, rivers, spiritual vortexes, sacred springs, mystical legends, and the serenity of this mountain paradise naturally allow us to relax, let go of worries, and receive the blessings.

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