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Hi precious Spirit-Soul, Divine Being,
Just wanted you to know that Michael, Laxmi the cat, and I have left California and traveled to the foothills of the Canadian Rockies below BC in WA. to explore our possibilities for where to locate our residence and do our life's work of researching and teaching the spiritual knowledge that liberates humankind from all manner of suffering and awakens and restores men and women to their original and eternal divine state.

Wonderful that I can do most of my counseling, teaching, writing, and mentoring work anywhere I have a phone connection and email, plus be in a location to offer retreats for the spirit souls who intend full self-realization and eternal activation of his or her spiritual powers, qualities, and abilities. Michael is organizing the over 700 YouTube videos and looking at new locations, and ways to offer these most valuable teachings and Video lessons to inspire, empower, and prosper others.

My personal spiritual work is taking me deeper into the forest and nature, deeper within my being and relationship with my Beloved Source, knowing that wherever I am, I am always with God, Source, my Beloved Soul mate, and all is well and wonderful in my world.

The question is: whom or what are we trusting to guide and assist us, the programmed mind, or our Divine Guide within, our eternal Divine wisdom and knowing? The mind-machine cannot solve problems, because it generates problems; whereas, Divine guidance and God conscious evaporates problems and brings forth what many call miracles when we let go of limited and abusive concepts and beliefs.

Each man and woman is being challenged to stand strong in his or her spiritual Truths, and teachings, as humanity is being bombarded with every possible horrendous situation—the backlash, effects, and consequences of their past moment to moment choices in thinking, feeling, willing, and doing. Our greatest problem is doubt of our inner wisdom and knowing while trusting absolutely the opinions, beliefs, laws, and rules of others as true, when you and I are the Absolute Truth given who we are as eternal creator beings. Anyway, dear and precious spirit soul, if you would like to get control of the mind and make it your friend rather than worst enemy, manifest what you need, and develop your God consciousness as your permanent state of knowing, email me for a phone session and start receiving. [email protected] All my teaching, mentoring, and spiritual healing work is by love offering so that all may have the knowledge and receive the benefits. The donation button is on our website Click the YouTube link and receive our videos for your pleasure, inspiration, enrichment, and empowerment.

With big love, Terry

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